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Smeedijzer bedden:

Smeedijzer bed Parma Metalen bedden Cevennes

Smeedijzer bedden Venezia classic Smeedijzer bed Bari

Smeedijzer bed Napoli Smeedijzer bed Navas 90cm

Smeedijzer bedden Navas Smeedijzer bed Modena

Small pieces of furniture can be delivered in packets.

The prices are flexible. Over 1000 EUR we can give you a discount. Please contact us about the final prices

If you prefer information about the iron furniture in English, you can visit our English website.

Contact us: Paulina Prochot,
tel/fax. +48 (0) 33 8653 052
Mobil: +48 608 547 023

P.P.U.H. METALARTE Pietyra Slawomir
ul. Okrajnicka 6 (Okrajnicka Street 6)
PL-34322 Gilowice (Poland)
VAT: PL 5532016725

Hemelbed Parma
  • Hemelbed Parma
  • Metalarte canopy bedsare high foot end beds equipped with a removable canopy frame. So you can buy it later!

We will enjoy to produce beds and other furniture in non-standard sizes.

Delivery time is up to 6 weeks.

After you have chosen one of our beds, you can match other pieces of furniture. All products are manufactured in our plant in Poland so we are able to deliver the set in your favourite colour and finishing.

Smeedijzer meubels - handwerk

Smeedijzer armstoel Padova
  • Smeedijzer armstoel Padova
  • Most of the furniture is handforged and made from solid iron.
  • Big part of our iron products can be made as garden furniture.
  • We offer beds and indoor furniture in 7 colours. 5 of them have also handpatina applied to the epoxy-powdercoating.
  • Outdoor furniture is galvanized and then coated with high-quality brown or black polyester-powderpaint.

Smeedijzer zitbanken en salontafels

Smeedijzer zitbanken Maroc Smeedijzer salontafel Padova

Smeedijzer stoelen, rekken, spiegels, barstoels

Smeedijzer rek Artiro Smeedijzer armstoel Ferrol Smeedijzer spiegel Tilly Smeedijzer barstoel Nancy

Bankjes in smeedijzer

Smeedijzer bankje Navas Smeedijzer bankje Venezia Smeedijzer bankje Rimini

Smeedijzer tafels

All tablesare made from solid iron. All of them can be produced as outdoor tables.

Smeedijzer tafel Ascona Smeedijzer tafels Gallo

Tuinmeubelen in smeedijzer, outdoor stoelen en tafels

Collections: Malaga, Maroc - Padova, Ferrol, Napoli, Navas and Venlo we can recommend to use in the garden.

Smeedijzer outdoor tafel Malaga Smeedijzer stoel outdoor Malaga

Smeedijzer kapstokken

Smeedijzer kapstokken Venezia Smeedijzer paraplu-kapstok Venezia